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Anya17 sex trafficking opera
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Find out how you can help end human trafficking, or if you would like to get further involved with the project please contact Anya17.
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Get Involved + Support Anya17 to End Human Trafficking

Here's how you can help to end modern day slavery:

tell your friends

Use Anya17 as a topic of conversation and share this site via your social networks, to help spread awareness of sex trafficking and modern day human slavery.

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Most people aren't aware that sex trafficking is a growing multi-billion dollar industry second only to the drugs trade. NGO’s estimate that there is likely to be a sex trafficking victim forcibly working in a house or flat just 20 minutes’ drive from your own doorstep, no matter where you live in the UK.

An estimated 800,000 young women and children like Anya17 are deceived and trafficked into the EU every year. Gang raped, beaten and broken, the girls can be forced to ‘work’ for 16 hours having (often violent) sex with up to 30 men a day.

Victims are trapped in a world of constant rape, drugs, alcohol and the desperate fear that both they and their families will be murdered if they attempt to escape.

These are real people. They are somebody’s daughter, granddaughter, sister or even mother, and they are living in the unimaginable hell of violence and sexual slavery.

Get involved now!

report suspicious behaviour

Due to the highly secretive world in which Trafficking victims are forced to live, it can often be difficult to recognise and help those who are to all intents and purposes ‘invisible’ to the outside world.

We all have a part to play however, and if you know what to look for, you can give these victims in desperate need the chance for a new life.

To watch a short film on recognising the signs of human trafficking and how to confidentially and anonymously report your suspicions to CRIMESTOPPERS please click here.

CrimeStoppers Trafficking SignsCRIMESTOPPERS is only interested in identifying and helping victims, so if, for example you have recently visited a prostitute and think that she may have been trafficked – BE A MAN and report it!

support a charity

There are many charities that specifically aim to raise awareness and end modern day slavery in the UK and worldwide, including sex trafficking, either through research, campaigning and lobbying government, or by providing protection and support to people who have been trafficked.

You can volunteer to help one of these charities, support them as a member, make a donation, or just share links to their websites.


stage your production

There may be future opportunities to stage your very own production of the Anya17 opera or another creative project inspired by the issues raised by Anya17. Sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date of any news or contact Anya17 to express your interest.


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